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    VRS is a fully-functional e-commerce store, built on the serverless paradigm.

    With a single command `now`, the store deploys instantly, scales automatically, and requires zero supervision. The underlying infrastructure can handle peak time traffic with consistent, blazing-fast performance.

    The source-code for VRS is open-sourced on GitHub.
    You can deploy VRS to our scalable serverless infrastructure free of cost.
    Thanks to the on-demand pricing model, you don’t pay a cent for infrastructure during idle time.

    Once you have Now CLI installed, clone the VRS repo, specify the necessary secrets with Now CLI, and run `now` — that’s it. The deployment section on our blog post explains how you can specify the secrets.

    Our mission at ZEIT is to make the cloud accessible to everyone. We do that by creating products that improve developer experience, provisioning infrastructure that is globally available, and by teaching the developer community about serverless-related technology. We made VRS to showcase that it’s possible to create a fully functional, high-performance e-commerce store without requiring infrastructure know-how.

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